Ventus Print & Apply

Ventus is a Finnish Print & Apply System designed and developed by KLINGER Finland. Due to the capability of real-time labelling the information as well as the product can easily be changed. Different attachment alternatives enable Ventus to label any product regardless of the industry your company is operating. Its modular structure gives an opportunity to customize your company a unique labelling solution with minimal costs.

The new 20-series features a smaller frame, which allows the machine to be installed in an even smaller space. In addition to the traditional 2 x 20 mrk LED screen, the 20-series is also available with a Windows PC.


Iekārtu veidi:

Ventus520-Windows webVentus620-SatoS84ex-Windows-3Ventus920-Windows webVentus-920VL webVentus1020-Windows webVentusPallet